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Our Technology

Not too long ago, the planning and treatment process was all left up to the best judgement and instinct of the Orthodontist. We relied on x-rays and past experience to create off-the-shelf treatment plans that worked, but perhaps weren’t tailored toward your exact smile. As technology has advanced so, too, have the capabilities of Orthodontists. And EA Smiles is at the forefront of that technology. We are constantly improving our tools to provide our patients with more precise imaging, shorter treatment plans and a more comfortable experience.



Dr. Abramowitz is dedicated to using the most advanced technology available to assist in getting the most optimal final result. Every patient benefits from their very own custom treatment plan that is used to guide every tooth into their perfect location, giving you the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, we make check-ups fun and easy with virtual visits a rewards program with gifts you actually want.

Learn how we use our technology in each of our treatment plans, then see it in action at your free consultation.

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