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Metal braces

Feel confident with a smile crafted with care

Correct almost any malalignment with our traditional metal braces, comprising of wire and specially made brackets. Our precision 3D imaging allows us to create a custom treatment plan that cuts down the time you spend in braces, while our friendly staff make sure you feel good about your progress every step of the way.

Metal braces

Metal braces

Make your braces your own with a custom look

Whether you have braces or not, we know that creating your own identity is such a big part of growing up. So, why not have some fun with your orthodontics?

Yes, we said FUN! We let each patient create their own identity through their braces. With our WildSmiles and Gator Brace products, your child can create their very own custom braces with different colors and designs. We encourage our patients - old and young alike - to let their imaginations run wild.

And we bet they’ll be excited to show off that stylish new hardware to friends and family.